About us

Babini Giorgio designs and manufactures rough terrain forklifts.

For three generations alongside farmers, Babini has been developing 3 unique and innovative models for a more efficient handling of pallets and bins.
  1. Off-road forklift truck SIRIO mod. 15.4 - ideal for orchards with planting patterns reduced to the bare minimum;
  2. Off-road forklift truck SIRIO mod. 20.4 – ideal for handling fruit and vegetables;
  3. Off-road forklift truck SIRIO mod. 27.4 – ideal for handling heavy fruit and vegetables in large quantities.

Our story

In the 1960s Giovanni Babini, a carpenter's blacksmith, opened a workshop in Longastrino in the province of Ferrara, Italy.

In those years of a booming economy and full employment, he initially started up in the carpentry and repairs business but soon switched into agricultural equipment construction.

His son, Giorgio, at first alternating between study and work during the seventies, finally joined the company full-time. He brought with him the entrepreneurial intuitiveness and passion for technology and research that would culminate in a watershed moment which transformed the business from a small workshop into a company, and then from a company into an outstanding company, a leader in its field of mechanical and agricultural engineering, and one with a Quality Mark - proof positive indeed of its excellence.

In the '70s Giorgio Babini designed the first hydraulic elevators for goods-handling and the first agricultural machines for fruit growing.

The performance and high reliability of the engines instantly gained a superb reputation, and the company soon began to establish its reputation in Italy and abroad.

Constant steady growth made it necessary at the beginning of the 1980s to move to a larger facility. At the same time, the leadership of the company finally passed from Giovanni to Giorgio, supported by his wife Teresa, who took charge of the administration and management aspect of the company, which was then gradually computerized.

The development and growing specialization in the global agricultural market created the demand for ever more reliable machines capable of meeting evermore specialized needs.

Babini then shifted its focus toward the aspect of design, and in its new 1600 sqm headquarters, opened an internal technical design and research department.

Superb design and painstaking tireless research that makes machinery ever-increasingly specialized. Punctual deliveries and the supply of parts of virtually unlimited duration make for a comprehensive offering of outstanding quality. In recent years production has been diversified and new product lines have been launched such as the Sirio off-road forklift truck together with a complete range of accessories including hydraulic tippers, cereal buckets, grape containers to meet the ever-increasing demands in the agricultural entrepreneur.


Progetto di internazionalizzazione: partecipazione di BABINI GIORNO SRL alla fiera EIMA INTERNATIONAL (19-23 OTTOBRE 2021, Bologna), al fine di incrementare i contatti commerciale, promuovere i propri prodotti e aumentare la visibilità internazionale. Sostegno finanziario concesso: € 10.000