Babini Giorgio SRL

Experience, reliability and cutting-edge technology


Thanks to its consolidated experience over many years, Babini Giorgio srl can meet the modern farmer's every requirement.


Competence, professionalism and spare parts supply of virtually unlimited duration make for a comprehensive offering of outstanding quality.


Superb design and painstaking tireless research have been making of SIRIO something that's even more versatile, technologically advanced - and unique.

New Sirio Range


Customers particularly appreciate the off-road forklift trucks manufactured by Babini Giorgio srl, featuring:

Advanced transmission system that guarantees an excellent turning radius;
Large front wheels that produce less vibration and jolts
Gritty engines with catalytic muffler and turbo common-rail direct fuel injection
Easy access and high seating position allows excellent visibility front and rear
Maintenance-free transmission system
Quick and intuitive joystick guidance system

Progetto di internazionalizzazione: partecipazione di BABINI GIORNO SRL alla fiera EIMA INTERNATIONAL (19-23 OTTOBRE 2021, Bologna), al fine di incrementare i contatti commerciale, promuovere i propri prodotti e aumentare la visibilità internazionale. Sostegno finanziario concesso: € 10.000