SIRIO mod. 15.4


Off-road forklift truck with 4 permanent driving wheels
Sirio 15.4
SIRIO 15.4
  • Load capacity in Kg. 1500
  • Triplex elevator height 3.2 metres 
    Duplex 2.5 metres
  • Empty mass Kg. 2860
  • Front Tyres: 280/70 R16
  • Rear Tyres: 200/70 R16
  • Engine: Model YANMAR 3TNV86CT-DY12
    32,4KW / 44HP
    3 cyl. Stage V
  • Transmission: hydrostatic
  • 2-speed, Poclain wheel motors with Inching variable flow pump for controlled feed
  • Licensed to travel on public highways
Sirio off-road forklift truck 15.4 load capacity of 1500 kg with 4 permanent driving wheels, Triplex 3.20 or duplex 2.50 elevator small size in both height and width for use in newly planted orchards or vineyards with minimized planting pattern, and entering through the narrow doors of the cellars and warehouses of just over 2 metres in height.
The low centre of gravity makes the truck suitable for use on steep terrain.
The operator's mounting/dismounting step cut particularly low off the ground makes it possible to operate in situations of restricted height with excellent access and driving ergonomics while ensuring a perfect front and rear visibility (photos with height dimensions and ground clearance). The advanced, and completely unique, transmission system makes it possible to steer through an extremely tight steering angle.
Sirius 15.4 at work
reduced turning radius








Progetto di internazionalizzazione: partecipazione di BABINI GIORNO SRL alla fiera EIMA INTERNATIONAL (19-23 OTTOBRE 2021, Bologna), al fine di incrementare i contatti commerciale, promuovere i propri prodotti e aumentare la visibilità internazionale. Sostegno finanziario concesso: € 10.000